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6 Fun Swimming Pool Mosaics Tiles

A swimming pool with no art is like a bare home with no life. Make a splash with these fun mosaics and add character to the most fun part of your estate. There are a lot of different mosaics that you can choose from but we will narrow down your search with the most fun and interesting mosaics available. Glow Dolphin Yin-Yang Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile Dolphins are the embodiments of playfulness, willpower, and virtue. They're the most fun creatures in the sea and although it is almost impossible to put real dolphins in your swimming pool, you may purchase...

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What is the purpose of a shadow and how does it enhance a mosaic tile?

Have you ever wondered why shadows are used in mosaic tiles? Artists use them for various purposes, but they are used to enhance the appearance of the design and to make it pop out more.  Some of the most popular designs used in ceramic mosaic tiles make use of shadows to enhance the look and to make it look more realistic and appealing. Find more about the purpose of a shadow and how it enhances a mosaic tile below. The design process Using shadows in mosaic tiles is not an easy feature to add. The designer/artist needs to decide where...

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Custom Swimming Pool Mosaics vs Stock Swimming Pool Mosaics: Which one is better?

Custom pool mosaics and stock pool mosaics are the two most important elements when adding the final touches to an outdoor aquatic environment. These environments may include thermal baths, swimming pools, outdoor showers, and much more. In addition to their unique design, both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. With so many choices, users sometimes get confused about choosing a particular mosaic for personal use. This article will guide the users with a comprehensive idea of selecting a pool mosaic for their pool. Introduction to the Custom Pool Mosaics There is no better alternative for those who seek to create a...

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Are There Any New Finishes for Concrete Swimming Pools?

Many changes in the material used to cover concrete pools which help to make your pool safer and easier to maintain.  These changes have occurred gradually since the 1990s.  Besides making it easier to keep your pool safe and easier to maintain, these new improvements have also changed the look and feel of your new or refinished swimming pool.  Before getting into the new improvements to the material used to finish your pool, we need to take a quick look at the history of pool finishes. A Brief History of Swimming Pool Finishes So since this is a “brief” history, let...

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What Major Types of Sheet Tile are Available for Swimming Pools?

For centuries various materials in the form of sheet tiles have been used to cover the surface of swimming pools.  The two most popular types of sheet tiles used for swimming pools are porcelain and glass.  Sheet tiles are used not only for the inside of the pool but around the perimeter of the pool as well. In comparison to the conventional plaster finish, sheet tiles are an excellent choice for swimming pools as they tend to offer wider choices of color and patterns than plaster finishes. Sheet tiles are usually made up of smaller, 1’ x 1’, individual tiles attached...

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