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6 Fun Swimming Pool Mosaics Tiles

A swimming pool with no art is like a bare home with no life. Make a splash with these fun mosaics and add character to the most fun part of your estate. There are a lot of different mosaics that you can choose from but we will narrow down your search with the most fun and interesting mosaics available.

  1. Glow Dolphin Yin-Yang Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile

Dolphins are the embodiments of playfulness, willpower, and virtue. They're the most fun creatures in the sea and although it is almost impossible to put real dolphins in your swimming pool, you may purchase a mosaic inspired by them. A dolphin mosaic can make you feel closer to the ocean in the comfort of your own home. There are plenty of dolphin mosaics that you can choose from but the 'Dolphin Yin-Yang Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile' is the best, by far. In Chinese culture, the yin-yang symbol represents universal balance. A balanced yin and yang will attract physical and mental well-being. The design is not only a fun option for your swimming pool because it can also promote happiness on a holistic level. On top of that, this is a glowing mosaic which means that the design can gleam at night. It will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your swimming pool but more than that, the luminosity that it provides while you're swimming at night can save you money on electricity. It's like an investment with a guaranteed return.

  1. Sea Turtle Shadow Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile

The best swimming pool mural designs are not only eye-catching but also tell a story. Choose a perfect mural design that could represent each member of your family. The 'Sea Turtle Shadow Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile' is a great option for it will appear to be gliding on your swimming pool floor as if it is in its natural habitat. Accompany it with a few larger or smaller sea turtle mosaics to form a family of magnificent creatures swimming together. If there are kids in the family, they will be the ones who will enjoy it the most. It is just so much fun once they swim in the pool and see that one of the turtles was put in place, especially for them. Sea Turtles are the best choice for this concept because there is no marine creature that can represent your family better than these persistent creatures. They are determined to live their life in the ocean despite the difficulty and harsh conditions caused by pollution. Sea Turtle is a symbol of ancient wisdom, peace, longevity, and emotional strength. Having them in your pool is not only fun but also meaningful.

  1. Coral Reef Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile

Whenever we spend a vacation on an island, we always make it a point to snorkel or dive to marvel at the beauty of the corals. Your swimming pool offers you an opportunity to bring that tropical sea life home to take its place in your backyard oasis with ‘Coral Reefs Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile’. It is only fitting to grab that opportunity so that you may enjoy a tropical island life even if you're not on vacation. The coral reef is a symbol of protection and beauty which makes it a worthy option for pool murals. This particular design is so colorful and fun that it will never fail to provide you and your family with an awesome swimming experience. There are around twenty beautiful species of corals packed in one mural design. If you're a huge fan of corals, you might even dive in the pool so that you may marvel at the design up close.

  1. Mermaid Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile

Nothing can capture the imagination better than the powerful and mysterious mermaids. The tales of mermaids have been told for thousands of years in different cultures across the world and yet they continue to amaze us. Mermaids are symbolic of independence and individuality. They are one of the most fascinating mythological creatures and it will be so much fun to have them residing in your swimming pool. With a ‘Mermaid Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile’ in your pool, you will always have company whenever you decide to take a dip and unwind. It will also make an incredible backdrop if you decide to live your life to the fullest and go swimming wearing a mermaid tail. You will be able to capture an Instagram-worthy photo of what seems to appear as two mermaids swimming in harmony.

  1. Mandala Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile

If you're inclined to meditation and yoga, then the 'Mandala Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile' is the best option for you. Mandala is a Sanskrit word for 'circle' which refers to the geometric arrangement of symbols that is directed to the center. The design can be dated back as early as the 4th century but is still appreciated in the present era because of its sophistication. One of the challenges in choosing a swimming pool mosaic is how to blend the masculine and feminine elements of design to form a well-balanced output. With a mandala design, you will not have to struggle to create that balance because it is already a gender-neutral design. It is a fun option that the whole family can appreciate and it oozes elegance and sophistication.  You can select a Mandalas as a Medallion or as Step Markers. 

  1. Hibiscus Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile

When it comes to selecting that perfect mural for your swimming pool, choosing a ‘Hibiscus Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile’ design will always be a good idea. The delicate beauty of a flower always brightens even the darkest days. Swim to admire the beauty of the tropical hibiscus and invoke the feeling of summer. This showy flower design comes in different colors including blue, pink, red, and yellow. Each color of the hibiscus is attached with its specific symbolism. Blue is a symbol of serenity and fertility. Pink is a symbol of friendship. Red is a symbol of love and passion. And yellow is a symbol of happiness and good fortune. Whatever hibiscus color you will choose, it will add spark to your oasis especially if you have plants surrounding your pool.

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