Pool Mosaic Installations

The following images are of various installations of Ceramic Mosaic Tiles in swimming pools.  Hopefully, these images will help you create a layout design that will highlight your creativity and personality. 


This is an installation which includes various ceramic mosaic tiles inlaid into sheet tile.  Notice the Mermaid on the swim shelf.
Shadow Shark chasing Shadow Flying Fish
Da Dunt Da Dunt!  Careful there might be a shark in your pool!!  This scene has a Shadow Shark #3262 and  two Shadow Flying Fish #3167 and #3169. 
Create a family of turtles swimming out to sea.  This family consists of one each #3332, #3333 and #3334 Shadow Loggerhead Turtles.

The words tell it all!  Relax on your sun shelf with an attitude.

This scene consists of three #3369 Blue Seahorse.  See how nicely our mosaics fit in a tiled pool?

Create a complete underwater scene with several different aquatic mosaics.  This scene consists of one #3393 Coral Reef A, one #3338 Saddled Butterfiy Fish, one #3339 Double Saddled Butterfly Fish, three # 3388 Threadfin Butterfly Fish and one #3317 Bottlenose Dolphin.

Sitting by the pool watching the Green Sea Turtles swim by.  This scene consists of two #3328 Shadow Green Sea Turtles.

Now this is what I'm talk'n about!  Now we're have'n fun with two #3392 Martinis!

Create an underwater oasis with a wide verity of Ceramic Mosaic Art sea creatures.  This scene consists of one #3394 Coral Reef B, one #3338 Saddled Butterfly Fish, two #3386 Redfin Butterfly Fish and two #3388 Thread fin Butterfly Fish.

Bottlenose Dolphin Group #3408
Watch the Bottlenose Dolphins play with a beach ball as you lounge sunning yourself.  This scene consists of one #3320 and two #3322 Shadow Bottlenose Dolphins along with one FREE #3382 Shadow Beach Ball.

Shadow Brown Turtle #3351
Sometimes less is more.  In this case one turtle is just enough.  This scene consists of one #3351 Shadow Brown Turtle.

Bottlenose Dolphins
See if the kids can get the beach ball before the Dolphins can.  This scene consists of two #3356 Bottlenose Dolphins and one #3375 Beach Ball.

Coral Reef Scene
Imagine snorkeling over the Great Coral Reef.  This Scene includes one #3395 Coral Reef C and one #3397 Coral Reef E along with one each of the following, #3351 Bottom Turtle, #3337, #3338 & #3339 Saddled Butterfly Fish, #3388 and #3387 Thread fin Butterfly Fish and #3386 and #3385 Redfin Butterfly Fish.

Coral Reef Scene
Dolphins and Turtles swimming toward the Coral Reef to hide.  This scene consists of #3395 Coral Reef C, #3326 & #3327 Shadow Sea Turtles, #3338 & #3339 Saddled Butterfly Fish and #3322 Shadow Bottlenose Dolphin.

Baby Turtles
Watch your babies swimming out to Mom and Dad.  This scene consists of one each #3378, #3379 & #3380 Baby Turtles.  Their size makes them perfect for the steps.

Spotted Dolphins
The mosaics come on a screen backing making it easy to separate the shadow from the main body.  This gives you the opportunity to design you own unique look.  This scene consist of Spotted Dolphins, #3029, #3010 and #3211.

Red Bikini and Red Swim Trunks
Opps!!!  Did someone lose something?  On purpose?  Or not?  This scene consist of the Red Bikini #3401 and Red Swim Trunks #3279. 

Shadow Shark and Flying Fish
Da Dunt Da Dunt!  Careful there might be a shark in your pool!!  This scene has a Shadow Shark #3262 and  two Shadow Flying Fish #3167 and #3169.

Regal Fish Scene

The Regal Fish #3099 can be found in the Creatures of the Shoals and Reef under Tropical Fish.  In this scene there is also a Blue Crab #3144 and Sea Grass #3179. Create a scene with Seagrass and Fish.  Makes for a serene environment.  


Shadow Sailfish, Marlin and Tunas

Add some realism by including a Sailfish chasing it's favorite prey.  This scene has a Shadow Sailfish, #3075, a Shadow Marlin, #3073 and three Shadow Tunas, #3284.  

Shadow Marlin #3073

This scene consist of one Shadow Marlin #3073. 


Shadow Mahi Mahi and Flying Fish

Watch as the Mahi Mahi corral three Flying Fish.  This scene not only includes three Shadow Mahi Mahi, #3226, # 3229 and #3232 and three Shadow Flying Fish, #3252, #3253 and #3254.


Loggerhead Turtle

This Loggerhead Turtle, #3222, looks so natural in this tropical paradise.



This scene has two Red Geckos, #3290, on the hot tube seat.  


Triple Hibiscus and Dolphins

In the foreground of this scene is a Triple Hibiscus, #3312 and three different dolphins in the background, one #3246 Double Dolphins with Shadows and one each of the Shadow Dolphins #3244 and #3247.


Shadow Dolphins #3244 and #3248

Come and join the fun, swim with us.  Shadow Dolphins, #3244 and #3248 along with three baby Shadow Turtles, #3216 and one small Shadow Turtle, #3217.


Twin Dolphin Water Feature#3001

This is a unique installation of #3001 Twin Dolphins Blue. The mosaic is underwater, but not in the usual way. It is part of the water feature where the water cascades over the dolphins.


Seaweed Group

In this installation, the owner used several #3003 Accent Seaweed pieces to make a group and then add several different fish, Turtles and Starfish.


Table Top with Dolphin Medallion

A great way to cool off on a hot day.  This is a cleaver use of one of our medallions.  Here, a pool bar is created using our #2080 Dolphins Medallion to cover the top of the table. 


Accent Reef on Swim Out #2005, #2007 and #2006

This scene consists of three different Reef Mosaics, #2005, # 2006 and #2007 along with #1084 Banded Angelfish and #1085 Banded Angelfish.



#3026 Twin Palm Trees

Sit on the sand under a #3026 Palm Tree and think of the Caribbean.