About Ceramic Mosaic Art

Increase the aesthetic value of your new or refinished swimming pool with the addition of hand-crafted Swimming Pool Mosaics. Over the past three to four decades, pool owners have increasingly been wanting to add more fun and excitement to their swimming experience by adding colorful, glossy mosaics to their pools.  As the demand for Swimming Pool Mosaics has increased, so has the variety of materials and designs. Besides ceramic, mosaics are now also made with porcelain and glass.  The manufacturing processes have also improved from simple, almost cartoonish, designs to designs with multi-layers of colors creating an almost life-like design. The variety of designs ranges from Sea Life to Party Mosaics to Tribal Inspired designs.  

Ceramic Mosaic Art has been offering the largest selection of hand-crafted swimming pool art online since June 2000. Prior to that time, Bob Rogers was successfully selling and installing swimming pool mosaics in his local area.  After a little investigation, Bob discovered that mosaics were not being sold online; you had to go to a storefront to view designs and order mosaics.  With this information and more research, Bob opened the first eCommerce website for Swimming Pool Mosaics in 2000, making it easy for customers to view an extensive range of mosaics and order from the comfort of their homes.

Since that time, Ceramic Mosaic Art's offering has expanded to include Porcelain and Glass Mosaics along with Polyester Resin Glow Mosaics with phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark particles. With our wide selection, you can find just about any mosaic you would like for your swimming pool, spa, out-doors kitchen backsplash, and countertops, table tops, bathroom walls, and floor, or just about any place you would like to add color and excitement.  However, if the designs you see are not exactly what you want, then we are more than happy to create a custom mosaic from your own design.  Ceramic Mosaic Art offers the highest quality mosaics guaranteed, by our US-based manufacturers, for the life of your pool.