Exciting Glow Mosaic Sea Creatures are Now Here!

Having the opportunity to swim with sea creatures in the comfort of your own home is quite an adventure in itself. With the new glow mosaics, you can take this adventure to a more exciting level by permanently installing the product in your pool. Here are the new Glow Mosaic Sea Creatures available and the reasons why you should get one.

Dolphin Glow Mosaics

The Dolphin Glow Mosaics are available in four (4) different designs, namely, Playful Glow Dolphin, Dancing Glow Dolphin, Jumpin' Glow Dolphin, and Glow Dolphin Yin-Yang. Each design is intricately made by hand, therefore, you can trust that every piece is of superior quality. The Glow Mosaics UV light-activated polyester resin are durable products that are made to last. Polyester resin is a material commonly used in the maritime industry. With its great deal of strength, you'll be assured that you can perpetually swim with dolphins day and night. Glow mosaics absorb light during the day to grant you that soft glow, especially in the darkest night. Dolphins are impressive sea creatures and they know how to have fun. Adding one of these Dolphin Glow Mosaics to your pool can guarantee fun and excitement for your home oasis.

Seahorse Glow Mosaics

The Seahorse Glow Mosaics are available in the colors blue and red. These mosaics were strongly and solidly built so that they can resist chemical weathering caused by chlorine, muriatic acid, and other elements. Seahorses are one of the most unique sea creatures and they symbolize good fortune, positive energy, and courage in the face of adversity. It is also a popular choice for an exotic pet even if it's extremely difficult to keep them alive. If you're a fan of seahorses but prefer to leave them in the wild, then the Seahorse Glow Mosaics offers a great opportunity for you to still enjoy these cute sea creatures in your home. It is available in two different colors that you can choose from. Blue is a relaxing color that represents peace and tranquility. Red is a zealous color that represents passion and adventure. Select the glow-in-the-dark seahorse that suits you and enjoy its glow as you indulge in that night dip in your pool.

Turtle Glow Mosaics

The Turtle Glow Mosaics are available in many different sizes that start from 2" x 2" up to 11" x 12". With these varying measurements, there are plenty of opportunities to create a perfect design for your home oasis. Just like all the mosaics in this category, the Turtle Glow Mosaics are also hand-made with Polyester Resins as its key material, chemical resistant, and are guaranteed to glow eternally in your pool during the night. Each product was uniquely hand-crafted so that you would perceive the individual piece as a true work of art.

 Crab Glow Mosaics

The Crab Glow Mosaics are available in three (3) different sizes to help meet your requirement in pool design. In the daytime, this mosaic serves as a great imitation of the tough and thick-shelled sea creature. Its two-tone color transforms at night as the tile emits the light that it has absorbed during the day. Crabs symbolize intuition and endurance. Nothing is more relaxing than just floating and banishing all the difficulties that you have endured in a long day's work. These mosaics were designed by artisans who either work solely or work in a focused group to maintain continuity. The practice of continuity in design is important for it ensures that every detail of the mosaic is consistent and impeccably placed.

Fish Glow Mosaics

The Fish Glow Mosaics are available in five (5) different designs, namely, Glow Butterfly Fish, Glow Angelfish, Glow Yellow Tang, Glow Moorish Idol, and Glow Clown Fish. The Butterfly Fish is among the most intricately patterned saltwater fish that we can ever find. Adding this design can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your oasis at home. The Angelfish is a species that is admired for its unique beauty. It is a popular tropical fish that can give your pool a gorgeous and sharp look. The Yellow Tang is a fish common in the waters of Hawaii. It is a very lively fish that is commonly seen by divers cleaning the shells of sea turtles. The Moorish Idol got its name from the northwestern African Muslims who greatly admired it. They believe that these fishes are harbingers of delight and cheer. The most popular fish in this bunch is without a doubt, the Clown Fish. Since the animated film "Finding Nemo" was released, everyone also wanted to find a Nemo that they could own. Whatever Glow Fish design you decide to install in your pool, will help your oasis come to life night and day.

Starfish Glow Mosaics

The Starfish Glow Mosaics are also available in Glow Bubbly Starfish design. These mosaics are mesh-mounted which makes their installation pretty easy. Every order comes with an easy-to-follow guide and is packed securely to ensure that is received without any damage to the product. The Glow Starfish and Glow Bubbly Starfish Mosaics would make a perfect design option. Imagine the serenity of swimming above and below the glowing stars. It can give you the feeling that you and the universe are one, somehow.

Shell Glow Mosaics

The Shell Glow Mosaics are available in five (5) different designs, namely, Glow Cerith Shell, Glow Conch Shell, Glow Nutmeg Shell, Glow Scallop Shell, and Curved Glow Scallop Shell. Whenever we go to the beach, we always make it a point to forage for shells so that we may bring them home with us. It serves as a beautiful reminder of that one glorious day at the beach. Incorporating the Shell Glow Mosaics will help you remember the salty air that you breathe and the relaxing feel of that soft sand on your feet. With five beautiful designs, you can easily create a design that's unique or diverse.

Glow Sheet Tile

With the Glow Sheet Tile, you can transform your ordinary swimming pool into a magical oasis. The glow-in-the-dark tile is the best option for swimming pool illumination today. It is cost-efficient and much safer than actual lighting. The Glow Sheet Tiles will also improve your swimming pool aesthetics, especially at night. It can set the mood of the place better than any actual lighting.


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