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10 Things To Know About Glow Mosaics

  1. Glow Mosaics are designed and handcrafted by Professional Artists. Made in the USA, each polyester resin mosaic is hand-crafted by artisans working to make the best Glow Mosaics possible.
  2. Glow Mosaic Tiles are resin-based and distinctly different from solid glass or ceramic mosaics with a glass glaze. Because the Glow Mosaic tiles are resin based and do not have a glass surface, they are more susceptible to surface damage than glass or ceramic mosaics, that is why a vinyl protective has been applied to each piece of the Glow Mosaic.  Once installed, as with glass and ceramic mosaics, Glow Mosaics will stay as clean as the pool so it is important to make sure the pool is cleaned regularly and the pool’s chemistry stays in balance.
  3. No two Glow Mosaic tiles are the same. There may be slight variations among the day colors and night glow.  Every effort is made to ensure consistent day color and night glow throughout each tile.  However, because each tile is handcrafted, the day color and night glow may vary from tile to tile.
  4. Surface striations are a product of the manufacturing process, specifically during the hardening process. The striations are not visible underwater so no need for concern.  The striations do not affect the color during the day or the glow at night.
  5. Glow Mosaics come fully assembled on a mesh backing. Not only does the mesh hold the mosaic together, but it aids in its installation.  The mesh on the back of each Glow Mosaic keeps the individual pieces in their proper position and maximizes adhesion to the pool’s surface.
  6. To prevent scratching the Glow Mosaics during installation, protective vinyl has been applied to the top surface of each mosaic piece. The protective vinyl should be kept on during installation.  The protective vinyl keeps the Glow Mosaic’s surface from being scratched during the troweling process.  Once the troweling process is completed, then the protective vinyl can be easily removed by lightly pulling it up with a small pointed tool or fingernail to reveal the surface of the Glow Mosaic.       
  7. Occasionally after the Glow Mosaics are installed, a white substance may develop on the mosaic’s surface. This is just part of the drying process and does not affect the mosaic tiles.  The thin layer can be removed very easily by gently rubbing the surface with a soft scrubbing pad.  Once removed, the surface will look as good as it did when installed.  In the unlikely event the white thin layer comes back, just repeat the process.  A repeat, however, is very unlikely.
  8. Please inspect your Glow Mosaic once received. If any pieces get broken during shipping, please take a picture and send it to We will then send you another piece(s) to replace the broken piece(s).
  9. As the name implies, the primary feature of the Glow Mosaics is that they glow at night. To enhance this glow, expose the mosaics to white LED lights for 5 minutes or a UV light for 30 seconds.  Various UV lights are available at a hardware store or on the internet.  Look for the term “UV flood light”.  Higher-wattage lights work best.
  10. Glow Mosaics have been developed to withstand the chemical environment of swimming pools and spas. Once installed properly, Glow Mosaics will last for the life of your pool or spa.  The chemicals in the water will not affect the polyester resin used to create the Glow Mosaics.        

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