Custom Swimming Pool Mosaics vs Stock Swimming Pool Mosaics: Which one is better?

Custom pool mosaics and stock pool mosaics are the two most important elements when adding the final touches to an outdoor aquatic environment. These environments may include thermal baths, swimming pools, outdoor showers, and much more. In addition to their unique design, both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. With so many choices, users sometimes get confused about choosing a particular mosaic for personal use. This article will guide the users with a comprehensive idea of selecting a pool mosaic for their pool.

Introduction to the Custom Pool Mosaics

There is no better alternative for those who seek to create a genuine one-of-a-kind look that fits their style and personality than a custom mosaic. Such custom mosaic styles are meant for individuals and homeowners who seek the ultimate personalization. Custom designs, however, will cost at least 50 percent more than a stock mosaic of similar size. Whereas stock mosaics can usually ship within one or two days, the delivery time for custom designs is usually 4 to 6 weeks depending on the design and workload at the time of order, but please be certain that it is worth waiting for this type of mosaic pool!

Custom pool mosaics can be made using either ceramic or glass. Two major factors to consider are budget and pool finish.  If the pool’s finish is plaster, then ceramic would be a wise choice.  If, however, you have gone to the expense of using glass tiles as your pool’s finish, then definitely go with a glass mosaic. Custom pool mosaics are trendy, representing elegance and providing significant long-term pleasure over traditional stock mosaics. For instance, a design representing your family or business will give you the uniqueness that a stock Dolphin mosaic can.

Introduction to the Stock Pool Mosaics

The diversity of stock swimming pool mosaics is certainly one of its most attractive and defining qualities. There are almost infinite variations of pattern, color, architecture, and designs of stock mosaics. Stock swimming pool mosaics can offer an impeccable look for homeowners and companies who want something extraordinary on their pools - inside and out, and even on the exterior wall surrounding the pool. Cost-sensitive customers and under time restrictions will certainly prefer stock swimming pool mosaics.

Stock swimming pool mosaics usually cost up to 50 percent less than custom swimming pool mosaics and can be shipped within one to two working days after receiving an order. It is ideal for homeowners and customers who prefer a family of playful mosaics in their swimming pool at the last minute!

Installation and Cost of Custom Swimming Pool Mosaics

One can easily install custom mosaic designs in their concrete pool. Swimming pool mosaics can only be installed when there is no water in the pool.  For the pool owner who is getting a new pool or having their pool re-finished, adding Custom Ceramic Mosaic Art to their project can be a fun and rewarding activity, not to mention saving a few dollars by installing them yourself.  Installing Swimming Pool Mosaics is not too dissimilar to tiling an interior floor or wall, in fact, in some ways, much simpler. The time to install your mosaics is just before, a day or two, the finish plaster is applied. to the pool’s surface.

Custom mosaic designs are also good options for restaurant and shop owners who want to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Adding a ceramic or glass custom corporate logo to any store surface will give the customer a sense of success, a good feeling that that business will provide top-quality service.

The cost of installation of custom mosaics is no more than the cost of a stock swimming pool mosaic.  The only difference is the initial cost of a custom swimming pool mosaic over a stock swimming pool mosaic

.Installation and cost of Stock Swimming Pool Mosaics

Although there are a very large number of pool mosaics available, around 950 different ones on Ceramic Mosaic Art, all of which are far less than custom mosaics, the pool owner can “customize” their pool through the design of the layout they develop.  For example, a family of 5, may develop a design using Turtles where the two larger turtles are placed on the bottom of the swimming pool a few feet out from the steps and the having 3 small turtles on the steps following mom and dad.  Another example for the fun-loving couple might be using a few of the mosaics in the Party Time collection, such as one of the cocktail drink designs along with a sign mosaic such as It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere.  A little more conservative, but still fun-loving, approach might be a pair or two of Flip Flops on the steps with a pair of Swim Trunks and a Bikini randomly scattered on the bottom of the pool.

For the same price as a custom mosaic or less, the pool owner can create a very large scene using stock swimming pool mosaics.

Final verdict

No matter the approach the pool owner takes, whether using a custom swimming pool mosaic or using a stock mosaic, the two primary difference is budget and time.  Stock swimming pool mosaics cost less than a custom mosaic, but the pool owner has to put time and thought into what their design will be and how best to present it.  The good news is that orders placed before noon Eastern Time will usually ship that same day.  On the other hand, the swimming pool owner who wants a custom design will have to develop a design, have the budget for the developed design, and have the time to wait 4 to 6 weeks for the custom mosaic to be handcrafted.

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