The Health Benefits of Art in Your Home

The Health Benefits of Art in Your Home

Art has always held an important place in the world, from Michelangelo’s incredibly beautiful painting in the Sistine Chapel to the somewhat identifiable portrait of the family dog done by your five-year-old using only a blue crayon. It’s a way we as people express ourselves, no matter our age or talent. Art has the ability to transcend language and to communicate our feelings, even our personality, without the need for words. This is why having art in the home is proven to have wonderful benefits for our mental and emotional well-being. Whether it’s your kid’s drawings on the fridge, a photograph of your favorite city’s skyline, or a ceramic mosaic, art of any kind is going to be good for your mental and emotional health!


A Form of Personal Expression

Art continues to be one the most lively forms of human expression. The great philosopher Plato believed the arts were “able to stir up emotions and influence behavior.” Art can act as a way to uplift others, making a living space more comfortable and welcoming to friends and family. Even a simple “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” mosaic can bring a smile to someone’s face! We at Ceramic Mosaic Art pride ourselves in creating an ample and diverse collection of mosaics for you to choose from so you can find the right pieces to most accurately reflect your unique artistic style.


Brain Benefits

Artwork in the home has been proven over and over again to relieve stress, lower rates of anxiety and depression, and overall improve mental and emotional health. Your outdoor space is meant to be a relaxing, fun area, and the addition of a mosaic art piece will only further improve those feelings of mental satisfaction. If your outdoor area is designated as a place of fun for your kids who can spend hours in the pool at a time, adding a fun sea turtle or dolphin will enhance the fun for them, their friends, and anyone else with a playful side. However, if your space has a more polished feel to it, then adding a medallion or baroque cross to the outdoor kitchen backsplash may better suit your wants. No matter how you choose to design your space, simply having a piece of mosaic art to admire will ignite dopamine, the “feel good” chemical in your brain, leading to a less-stressed and more content state of mind.

In addition to lower anxiety levels, going through the process of choosing, installing, and showing off artwork creates a sense of accomplishment and pride. Putting in the time and effort when selecting the pieces that would look best with your home, to either installing the mosaics yourself or contracting others to lend a hand, to finally being able to admire the finished piece with a sense of satisfaction is extremely beneficial. Engaging in any new activity stimulates new areas of the brain and creates new connections in areas that otherwise wouldn’t be linked.

If you’re going through the mosaic installation for the first time and learning about the process, your brain is literally changing the structure of your neurons, etching new memories into your cells each time you learn something new. The number of synapses, or pathways between nerve cells, increase, allowing you to send and receive information much faster. This means that completing a project like mosaic art installation isn’t only valuable to your home, but also your brain health and function.


The Importance of Unique Art

Lastly, most importantly, and possibly the most cliché, art truly makes a house into a home. Personalizing your living space and being able to reflect yourself through your art is a comforting feeling that we all desire. Even the earliest humans decorated their caves with drawings of animals! If you have a clear vision of how you wish to decorate your space but don’t see it on our website or wish to make a change to an existing mosaic, it’s entirely possible to do so. Creating and owning something that is uniquely yours is exciting, fun, and can be the item in your living space that makes all the difference! A truly custom piece of art carries a certain energy incomparable to the equally beautiful but not as unique pieces on our site. With a custom mosaic, you can take pride in knowing that it’s exactly what you envisioned. 

While the main purpose of mosaics is to add beauty, color, and design to your living space, it has lesser known but just as important effects on your health. Your mental and emotional well-being will improve just as much as your pool by simply installing a piece, or pieces, of art. Through your mosaic selection, you’re able to express yourself, decrease stress levels, feel a sense of accomplishment through the installation process, and make your house into a wonderful home. With all these benefits so easy to acquire by simply taking a leap of faith into the world of art and mosaics, what are you waiting for?



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