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Mosaic Applications other than Swimming Pools

Mosaic Applications other than Swimming Pools

The quality and durability of our swimming pool mosaics make them a perfect design element for use in applications other than a swimming pool.  Customers have put both our standard mosaics and mosaics which our customer has requested.  Our mosaics have been installed on exterior and interior walls, indoor and outdoor kitchens, bathrooms walls and floors, man-caves, entryways, outdoor custom-made bars and even to spruce up pool equipment storage units.  The possibilities are only limited by your creativity.  Below, you will find photos sent to us showing how our customers have used swimming pool mosaics other than in a pool.

Exterior and Interior Walls

Here is an example of how a customer used our standard mosaics on an exterior wall inlaid with field tile.  Although this is a common approach, it does require considerable labor to cut the tile to fix around the standard mosaics.  The customer could get their contractor to do the cutting to inlay the mosaics during installation or the customer could send us their field tile for us to inlay the mosaics for them, making it just like a larger mosaic.  

Mermaid and Turtle Mural | Exterior Wall Application

Another example is a very simple adornment to an exterior sitting area.  In this case, the Sun medallion is used as an accent piece to brighten up the area.

Desert Sun | Desert Sun

Typically in residential interior wall applications, our ceramic mosaics are used as art.  Regular wall art usually does not allow for the free flow of a design.  Wall art is usually constrained by a frame.  As you can see from the example below, this design allows for free flow, unconstrained by a frame. 

Parrots on Vine | Parrots on Vine

In commercial interior wall applications, our custom mosaics are typically used as corporate logos.  This example shows how a hotel used its corporate logo on the wall behind the registration desk.

Corporate Logo | Corporate Logo

Indoors and Outdoors Kitchens

People are looking for ways to make their kitchens unique.  One way is to inlay ceramic mosaics into the backsplash.  In the two examples below, the customer requested a custom Loggerhead Turtle for one and a custom Rooter scene for the other, which they had inlayed in the backsplash just above their range.  Our mosaics are the same thickness as the field tile, so when installed, the mosaic is a seamless part of the backsplash.

Loggerhead Turtle | Loggerhead Turtle       Rooster Scene | Rooster Scene

The same concept can be used in your outdoor kitchen.  In the examples below, one customer used one of our standard designs, the Desert Sun.  This customer very cleverly avoided having to inlay the mosaic by the design use of the glass wall tile.  In the other example, the customer asked us to make a custom Hot Pepper design.  In this case, the installation was easy because there was no field tile involved.

Desert Sun Medallion | Desert Sun Medallion    Hot Peppers | Hot Peppers

 Bathroom Walls and Floors

 A very popular use of our ceramic mosaics is in the bathrooms showers and floors, both inside and outside.  The first example shows a very elaborate custom design of Zebras inlaid in a shower wall. The intricacy of this design is amazing.  The second photo shows three of our standard turtle mosaics inlaid on the floor.  If your design calls for larger mosaics to be installed on the bathroom floor, you may want to consider having us put a non-skid surface on the mosaics.

Zebra in Shower | Zebra in Shower        Turtles inlaid in floor | Turtles inlaid in floor

Many customers have outdoor showers.  Who wants to shower in a drab environment when they can have beautiful mosaics on the walls?  Here are a couple of examples of such an application.  The first one is several standard mosaics inlaid into field tile.  The second outdoor shower has just one of our larger mosaics again inlaid in the field tile.  Note the palm tree next to it.  This is truly an outdoor shower.

Fish Outdoors Shower | Fish Outdoors Shower         Mermaid Outdoors Shower | Mermaid Outdoors Shower


A man cave is a perfect place to display your sports team logos.  The first example is a custom logo created for a true hockey fan.  This custom design includes the team logo and a hockey stick installed on the wall.  In the second example, the customer cleverly created a "frame" to lay on the floor.  This way of installing his mosaic allows for him to move it if necessary.  We provided the star and he cut the field tile and made the frame.   

 Red Wings Hockey Mosaic | Red Wings Hockey Mosaic  Dallas Star Mosaic | Dallas Star Mosaic

Entry Ways

The first example shows a Dolphin inlaid into the landing of a wooden staircase.  As you can see, the customer used broken tile in the field around the Dolphin and then framed it with tile edging.  The second example is one created by the owner using a Hibiscus and a Turtle.  The words mean Lui's house in Hawaii lingo.

Dolphin in Wood | Dolphin in Wood      Lui's House | Lui's House

 Outdoors Custom Made Bar

I was so pleased to have Ceramic Mosaic Art be a part of this very creative person's new hand-built outdoor bar.  This customer used several different materials to create a Cantina Bar.  The result was a one-of-a-kind creation that will bring enjoyment for years to come.

Custom Outdoors Bar | Custom Outdoors Bar

Pool Equipment Storage

This customer thought, "why have a plain ole storage box for pool equipment when I can create something special" and that is just what she did!  The storage box is covered with 1" x 2" sheet tile with several ceramic mosaics inlaid into the tile.  The resulting scene looks like an underwater oasis for some several fish, a crab, a starfish, and a seahorse all hanging around some sea grass.

Ceramic Covered Storage Box | Ceramic Mosaic Covered Storage Box

 So, as you can see, Swimming Pool Mosaics are not just for the swimming pool.  The quality and durability of our Ceramic Mosaic Art lend them to be used in many applications providing beauty, functionality, and just plain fun.  The breath and variety of our Swimming Pool Mosaics open up limitless possibilities for the creative mind in all of us.  




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