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The Advantages of Buying Online

In the new age of globalization, you can do almost everything online now: talking with friends, sharing photos with family, doing taxes, or simply reading a book. Online shopping has seen an incredible increase in the last decade, allowing you to buy whatever you want without ever leaving your couch, and one of the many reasons why buying products online has its perks, and why we take pride in our Internet-based shop. If the convenience of modern technology hasn’t already convinced you of why online shopping is so great, here are a few more advantages of online shopping listed below.


Pricing is a wonderful and reasonable advantage of shopping online. You can compare prices of mosaics from different websites depending on what look you’re creating. Online prices can often be cheaper than what you would pay in person. The costs are lowered on our end as well. Running a physical store is often much more expensive than an online shop, from electricity to payroll. By being Internet-based, we can cut these costs and pass the savings on to you. And if you’re worried about spending too much on shipping, don’t worry - we got you covered - all shipping in the US over $199 is on us!


There are often more options to be found in online stores versus physical shops, depending on where you live and what look you want. If you live in a small city, or region where pools aren’t as common as others, the chances that a shop will have exactly what you’re envisioning is slim. Since Ceramic Mosaic Art is online-based, we have much more product variety and availability than many physical stores. We’re pleased to offer a variety of decor options, from marine life to mandalas to martinis.

Access to Small Businesses

 Just because a shop is based online and can reach out to potentially thousands of people doesn’t necessarily mean the company is as large as the audience! Internet-based shops, like ours, are often small, and the Internet is simply a way to support these small businesses from home. The high-quality, long-lasting products that you’re looking for can be found online, and don’t need to come from the most expensive store in your neighborhood to get your money’s worth.

Customer Service

The owner and our modest staff are extremely knowledgeable about ceramic mosaic art and are well-qualified to answer any questions you may have. This is different than customer service in your typical physical store in the sense that online customer service tends to be more professional and our staff better trained. We pride ourselves on answering your questions, concerns, or comments quickly and accurately, and we’ll never give a late or uninformed response. An added perk of online customer service is that our policies are clearly stated on our website, which isn’t often the case for physical stores.

Customer Reviews

Purchasing something in-store from a company you’re new to can be nerve-wracking. You don’t know much about the product aside from what the employee told you, likely highlighting only the positives. The benefit of purchasing something online is that you get to read customer reviews - real people without an agenda simply sharing their experiences. We have plenty of reviews on everything, from customer service to the quality of our mosaics to the installation process! We want you to see what others have to say about us. Of course, we can talk about how great we are and how much we love our products all day long, but reading what others have to say about us is what truly matters at the end of the day. We’re confident that your experience with us will be as great as the last customer’s, if not better!

Social Media

Social media is a great advantage that online companies have. Our business is already Internet-based, and social media simply complements it. We post fun decorating ideas for your pool or outdoor space, and new additions to our collection, and update you on any changes to our website. Interacting with customers is an important part of the job, and we love doing it! Feel free to Like us on Facebook at “Ceramic Mosaic Art” or follow us on Instagram @ceramicmosaicart!

With the ability to buy anything you want online, mosaics should be no different. We at Ceramic Mosaic Art take pride in being able to provide our customers with wonderful, long-lasting products, great prices, and terrific customer satisfaction. We strive to make your online buying experience a great one, and, since we’ve been online since 2000, we truly believe that we’re the best for the job, whatever it might entail.

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