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3 Essential Things to Consider When Picking the Best Turtle Mosaics for Your Pool

3 Essential Things to Consider When Picking the Best Turtle Mosaic for Your Pool

With so many Sizes, Shapes, Styles, Colors, and Materials to choose from, selecting just the right Turtle Pool Mosaics can seem like a daunting task.  Turtle Pool Mosaics can range in size from 4” to 34” long, have different flipper configurations, look like Loggerhead or Sea Turtles, come in a range of colors, and be made from ceramic clay, porcelain tile, or glass pieces.  In this article, I will break down the differences among the various Turtle Pool Mosaics to help make your decision process a little easier.

 Picking the Correct Size

Turtle Pool Mosaics come in a size range of 4” long by 4” wide up to 33” long by 24” wide without shadows and from 11” long by 11” wide up to 34” long by 30” wide for Turtle Pool Mosaics with a Shadow.  The size of the Turtle Pool Mosaic certainly affects the price, but just as important is how it affects the design scene you want to create.  For example, you may want to create a family of Turtle Pool Mosaics which represents could yourself, your spouse, and your children.  In this case, size matters.  The concept of this design has the parents leading the children out to the deeper end of the pool.  The turtles that go on the steps have to be small so there is enough space on the back end and front of the step to plaster the step properly.  The 4” size turtle is often best for this application, then the parents can be any size because they are being installed on the floor of the pool.  If you are going to put turtles on a swim-out or a sun-shelf, then you can use larger turtles, but, I would strongly suggest that these larger turtles have a non-skid surface put on them.  The surface of the turtles is a very slippery glass glaze.  You don’t want someone slipping on a larger turtle and falling.

Get the right Shape and Style

The shape and style of the Turtle Pool Mosaics vary as how they would look if you were viewing them from the top or if they were swimming across your path and you saw them from the side.  If you want to put some Turtle Pool Mosaics on the side walls of your pool, then the turtles with a side view would look best.  The top-view turtles would be best for the floor of your pool.  Some of the Turtle Pool Mosaics are solid looking as if they were real while others look as though they are made of lines, the latter ones are the Tribal Turtles and Island Turtles.  The solid-looking turtles are either Sea Turtles or Loggerhead Turtles.  Choosing which shape or style of turtle you want is primarily a function of the design you are creating.  Using all styles and shapes in your design would be a more true representation of real life on the reefs.  In fact, including other reef creatures in your design would give even more realism.  As with all our mosaics, the Turtle Pool Mosaics are made from ceramic clay, porcelain tile, or glass.  All these materials are Frost Proof.  So, unless you live in an area that sees hard freezes to where your pool will freeze to the bottom, then which material you choose is not as important as the shape and style you want for your design.  The one exception I can think of is if you put your mosaic in your concrete patio or walkway.  In this case, porcelain or glass would be best because they absorb very little moisture and will not freeze, expand and crack.  

 Choosing the Colors that Best Match with Your Pool

The Turtle Pool Mosaics come in three different colors, Green, Brown, and Blue.  The major factor in determining which color to choose would be the color scheme of your pool, the finish coat, waterline tile, pool decking, and coping.  With the possible exception of black or very dark blue pool finishes, any of the three colors will show very well.  Keep in mind that the Turtle Pool Mosaics have a very shiny glass glaze surface that will reflect sunlight, unlike the pool finish which reflects very little light.  The only other remaining concerns are with the waterline tile, decking, and coping.  As a general rule, the color of the decking and coping is light to prevent those surfaces from getting hot.  With the lighter colors tending to be beige, any of the colors in which the turtle comes would be very workable.  What now remains is the waterline tile color.  From my experience, waterline tiles tend to come in various shades of blue.  In this case, all three of our turtle colors would match very well.  Keep in mind that these turtles are not just one solid color, there are several shade variations within any one turtle and some even have other colors besides the base color such as yellow, red, brown, and black.  So, the bottom line is, that regardless of your pool’s color scheme, countless variants of Turtle Pool Mosaics would look amazing in your pool!  And if you want to go crazy wild, try out one of our Fusion Turtles, especially the Rainbow Fusion Loggerhead Turtle.

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