Glow Mosaics

Glow Mosaics, by Element Glo, are made by an ingenious, groundbreaking process using Polyester Resins as the base material with crystals that absorb light and will then emit a soft glow at night.  Made in the USA, each polyester resin mosaic is hand-crafted by artisans working to make the best Glow Mosaics possible.  The base color of the resin gives a dull, soft blue or green appearance by day, the crystals embedded in the resin will give off a soft glow by night.  The sun will generally keep the Glow Mosaics charged enough to glow at night, but if you want to enhance the glow for a special occasion, give your Glow Mosaics a quick charge by exposing them to a UV light source for one minute or a traditional LED light source for 10 minutes.

Ambient light is beautiful, especially in landscaping and pool design, but too much ambient light will lessen the effect of your Glow Mosaics. Once the brightness of the ambient light overcomes the brightness of your Glow Mosaics, you will not be able to visibly see the glow. The darker the area where your Glow Mosaics are installed the better.