The Delankos

I am more than pleased with my Ceramic Art I bought from you on line. My only regret is that I didn't (buy) a few more of them. Everyone that sees my pool tells me how great they look. When they were doing the finish on the inside of the pool, I heard one of the worker tell another he must have two thousand dollards worth of ceramics. Well we know better! Your prices were much better than the store that I got my pool tile from and anywhere else I looked and that includes the shipping. I was supprised when they arrived the next day as promised. The pool company wanted one hundred and twenty five dollars to put them in but being as frugal as I am I went to the local building store and for about eight bucks I bought the cement and thinset and put them (in) myself. There's nothing to it. Well all I can say is I'm one happy camper! You can use my pictures and name if you like.

Bradenton, FL Purchased 6/03

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