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Customer Service Example

Here is a typical way we make sure the customer is ordering what they really want:

CMA: Good day Dixia.  Received your order, thank you, but I noticed that you ordered a SHADOW Marlin, but you did not order the SHADOW Tuna.  Is that what you intended?  I will hold your order until I hear back from you.  

Dixia: Hi Bob! Thanks for checking with us. But the order is correct. We thought it would look ok, one part of the pool with the tuna will be in the shade. You can proceed with shipping. 

CMA:  Thanks for getting back to me.  Your order will ship on Thursday via UPS.  I will send you the tracking number as soon as I get it

Dixia:  Thank you very much, Bob. We will recommend you to our friends. You have been so helpful.


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