Spotted Dolphin Swimming Pool Mosaic

Spotted Dolphin Swimming Pool Mosaic - Three Sizes

  • $814.00

Product Information:
Add character, color, and life to your backyard oasis with stunning frost-proof Spotted Dolphin Swimming Pool Mosaic. Experience the realism of our mosaics. Mosaics capture more than just your attention; they capture your imagination!

Product Specifications:

  • Molded, Hand Painted Mosaic
  • Frost Proof
  • Mesh Mounted, Ready for Installation
  • Approximately 3/8" Thick
  • Guaranteed for the Life of the Application

NOTE: The number of pieces in the mosaic may vary based on the size selected. The largest size mosaic is pictured. The Spotted Dolphin Swimming Pool Mosaic also comes with a Shadow.
Shade and size variations are inherent characteristics in all mosaic products.
Please Inspect Products Prior to Installation - Use Constitutes Acceptance.

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